Welcome to the Publications section. I have had the privilege of collaborating on numerous projects. Here, I list only the main publications organized into distinct research areas, complete publication list is available on my google scholar.
Clinical data analysis and management
Gentilotti E., Górska A., Tami A., Gusinow R., Mirandola M., Baño, R., Baena R. .. Tacconelli E.
Clinical phenotypes and quality of life to define post-COVID-19 syndrome: a cluster analysis of the multinational, prospective ORCHESTRA cohort
Tacconelli E., Górska A., Carrara E., Davis R. J., Bonten M., Sartor A.,Tacconelli E., Friedrich A. W., Glasner C., Goossens H., Hasenauer J., Haro J. M., José A., Peñalvo L., Sanchez-Niubohk A., Sialm A., Scipione G., Soriano G., Yazdanpana Y., Vorstenbosch E., Jaenisch T.
Challenges of data sharing in European Covid-19 projects: A learning opportunity for advancing pandemic preparedness and response.
Tacconelli E., Goepel, Gladstone P., Eisenbeis S., Hoelzl F., Buhl M., Górska A., .. Spitznagel H., Olawumi-Hurter S. Development and validation of BLOOMY prediction scores for 14-day and 6-month mortality in hospitalised adults with bloodstream infections: a multicentre, prospective, cohort study
Tacconelli, E., Górska A., Angelis, G., Lammens, C., Restuccia, G., Huson, D. H.,...Kazma, M. Estimating the Association between Antibiotic Exposure and Colonisation with Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria using Machine-learning Methods
Clinical gut microbiome and metagenomics
E. Righi, I. D. Vecchia, N. Auerbach, M. Morra, Górska A., and C. Sciammarella, Gut Microbiome Disruption Following SARS-CoV-2: A Review
Righi E. , Lambertenghi L., Górska A., Sciammarella C., Ivaldi F. , Mirandola M., Sartor A., Tacconelli E. Impact of COVID-19 and Antibiotic Treatments on Gut Microbiome: A Role for Enterococcus spp.
Arumugam K., Bağcı, C., Bessarab, I., Beier, S., Buchfink, B., Górska A., Qiu, G., Huson, D. H., Williams R., Annotated bacterial chromosomes from frame-shift-corrected long read metagenomic data
Górska A., Peter, S., Willmann, M., Autenrieth, I., Schlaberg, R., Huson, D.H., 2018. Dynamics of the human gut phageome during antibiotics treatment
Huson D., Beier S., Flade I., Górska A., El-Hadidi M., Mitra S., and others, MEGAN Community Edition - Interactive Exploration and Analysis of Large-Scale Microbiome Sequencing Data
Systematic review and metaanalysis
Gentilotti E., De Nardo P., Cremonini E., Górska A.., Mazzaferri F., Canziani M. L., Hellou M. M., Olchowski Y., Poran I., Leeflang M., Villacian J., Goossens H., Paul M., Tacconelli E., Diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care tests in acute community-acquired lower respiratory tract infections. A systematic review and meta-analysis
Hellou, M. M., Górska A., Mazzaferri, F., Cremonini, E., Gentilotti, E., De Nardo, P., Paul, M. Nucleic-acid-amplification tests from respiratory samples for the diagnosis of coronavirus infections: systematic review and meta-analysis
RNA structure and molecular dynamics
Górska A., Markowska-Zgrajek A., Równicki M., Trylska J. Scanning of 16S ribosomal RNA for peptide nucleic acid and targets
Górska A., Jasiński M., and Trylska J., MINT: Software to Identify Motifs and Short-Range Interactions in Trajectories of Nucleic Acids